Parties at the Shops

One of 2013′s better Canberra Centenary celebratory ideas was called Parties at the Shops. It was intended as a way of encouraging communities to interact more while showcasing the many talents and variety of folks living in a suburb. The idea worked so well that’s one of the few Centenary events to be carried forward to [...]



I went down to the first day of the Canberra Balloon Festival yesterday morning. Skywhale  was there, one of the many hot-air balloons to take off yesterday from the lawns in front of Old Parliament House. Now, Skywhale was launched last in 2013 after artist Patricia Piccinini was commissioned by the ACT Government to help celebrate the [...]


PS Cottier – Poet

Earlier this week I had the good fortune to be asked by renowned local poet Penelope (PS) Cottier to take some some new head-shots for a new collection of poems she’s about to publish. After the head-shots were done I coaxed her out onto the street with her fabulous green silk parasol :-) (did you [...]


Late Night Call

A little while ago I was up in the (not so) Snowy Mountains region of southeatsern Australia, taking the kids on a trip to visit the grand Snowy Mountains Hydroelectricity Scheme‘s dams and turbines, tunnels and towns … and the mountains of course. One of the places we stayed was a caravan park on the [...]


Bad Pharmer

From a quick band shoot I did at the end of last year of local Polish punk band Bad Pharmer the afternoon before their final gig in Canberra and they up and moved to greener pastures in Brisbane (the shining lights of Bris-Vegas!) I purchased a copy of their EP Where The Wild Bison Roam … [...]


After a long silent time With a friendly peck on the cheek She was off to the ocean with it's crystal blues and sunsparkl'd azures He cleaned up after she left The glasses and tobacco plates and sheets papers and her hair Draped on pillows creating casual arcs on the tiles debris on the shore [...]

The Fountain

Shortly after In a musky twilight space when they are spent and the breeze takes their sweat in cool inhalations He listens to her breath grow long and slow and lies there quite awake In this head of his in amongst the crowded visions and vivid tangents the textures and tutorials the voices and aching [...]


Vale Friday

Friday Carasmello Lushpuppy 1999-2013 Last Thursday we made the decision to have beloved family member Friday put to sleep. She had been with us for 14 years Friday had been suffering a degenerative spinal condition and went downhill rapidly. She was an elderly dog and up until a month ago had been going on hour-long [...]


Dead Pegs

The first printed compilation of my Dead Pegs project … a copy of which is currently hanging in the Members Show at PhotoAccess in the Manuka Arts Centre. I've been long fascinated by these pegs … single-function objects that have reached the end of their useful lives and left to decay in the pebble-field beneath [...]

In Review – Fine Young Animals (Bacon Cakes, Alex Richens and Joel Davey, Dylan Hekimian, Lucy Nelson, Buck et al)

The CMC presents Fine Young Animals @ The White Eagle Polish Club – 20th September 2013 I arrive late and unannounced. Nigel and Beth inform me I have to pay as they already have a reviewer for the night.  This is a first(!) and there's an awkward moment as it's eventually revealed that the night's allocated reviewer has in fact [...]



Well, I'm on the cover of SHOOT! Magazine's September 2013 (Volume #003) edition. I'm also the featured artist and there's an interview in there too. As far as I know it's web only but it's lovely that someone has gone to all this effort over mine and the other included artists' work though the editior [...]


Sly Fox Coffee

Meet Patrick. Patrick is an entrepreneur. Earlier this year he set up  a coffee machine by one of the main cycleways running from the Inner North of Canberra (where I live) into the City … he makes very good coffee and I always stop for an espresso (that settles in the glass like tap Guinness!) [...]


Moss Effect

Spring is officially here! We've had rains and warmer days and while out walking with my camera on Saturday afternoon I saw the moss has geared up for sexy time. Mosses as you may or may not know reproduce sexually via spores not seeds There are male parts, antheridia, and female parts, archegonia. They can [...]


Winter Rains

It's tending toward late and I'm thinking I'll just quickly post this coz otherwise it won't happen until tomorrow night and … and …well here I am posting late again. These pictures are the result of one of those occasions when the plan doesn't go according to plan, but rather than fret that it's not, [...]



Now here's a technique I've been wanting to try for a while … starfield photography … more specifically trying to capture the spiral arm of our galaxy better known as the Milky Way. Essentially I've been waiting for the opportunity to try out the high ISO sensor on the Nikon D600 but I have also been [...]

New Acton under fog. Canberra, 11:15pm 2nd July 2013

Further Fog Chasing

Fog. Tuesday in Canberra was foggy. It was foggy all day … actually that's not entirely true, I did see some rays from the setting sun on Mount Majura … through a light mist though. The temperature struggled to a peak of 7C at about 4pm. The fog came back down shortly after sunset and [...]



I tried hard to take a picture this morning. The day was glorious … one of those Canberra winter days where the air is still, there's not a cloud in the sky and the warmth of the sun balances the chill in the air. I love days like these. I wanted to take a photo [...]


Los Chavos: Band Shoot

I had the pleasure of shooting 9-piece Latin/SKA band Los Chavos recently. Here is a selection of pictures from that shoot. They like their 'Day of the Dead' gear … can you tell? ;-) Incidentally, this is the band that inspired the production of this stuff.   A quick post today … things are busy here [...]

Lights in the Fog

Fog Chasing

Canberra gets foggy. Mostly it's morning fog, settling sometime before dawn. When it's extra thick it may not burn off until well after lunch … sometimes it doesn't lift at all and the temperature hovers in the low single figures all day. Those days are cold … that seeping cold that slowly creeps into the [...]


Playing with flowers

I thought the other day 'it's been a while since I played with flowers' (as you do) and so I bought myself a bunch of my favourites … gerberas. They're a member of the sunflower family Asteracae … daisies really. There's something about them that does it for me … they have myriad facets, they [...]


The Love Locks of Aspen Island

I was a walking in the Autumnal sunshine last Sunday afternoon and came across these engraved padlocks on the bridge to Aspen Island (or 'Carillon Island'). Some of them are quite recent (as in yesterday) and the oldest dates back to late 2012. I can only assume they're paying homage to the global phenomena 'Love Locks' (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_padlocks). I [...]


2012 Plus One Collection

Way back in January I posted that my photograph Feel The Wind had been selected to appear in the 2012 Plus One Collection curated by Ivan Marakov and sponsored by the Kilgoris Project and the Photographers for Good Foundation. Well my copy arrived yesterday and looks (and smells) fantastic. A large format (12" x 12") ensures [...]


Lensbaby Love

I have a Lensbaby. For anyone unfamiliar with these nifty devices, it's a variable focus 50mm f/2 lens. The single lens element is fully adjustable to enable a focal 'sweet spot' to be found in creative photography. A particular setting can be locked and then fine tuned by rotating any of the three protruding long screw [...]


Downer in Decay

I took a ride up to the urban decay that is Downer Shops on the weekend … and took some photos … the shop side is truly derelict. One of my first group houses in the early 90′s was a weatherboard affair in Durack Street (which incidentally was the coldest house I’ve ever lived in) [...]


On Printing

Last year a local gallery sold one of my large (44"x30") prints. They're keen to sell more, it's what most galleries like doing and so I recently took in some sample images on my tablet to show them a range of images I thought would work in their space. I had a set of 10 [...]



I like sausages. I think I've always liked sausages. I like sausages so much I came to the idea that I wanted to make my own … it's simply ground meat and spices stuffed into a casing right? So, my friend Ashley and I decided to give it a go. I mean how hard could it be? Well it turns [...]


Optical Galaxy and then some … a trip to Cameron Offices

On Sunday afternoon I went for a little photowalk. I went up to the Cameron Offices, once a shining example of 1970's Brutalist architecture and future vision … half has been demolished and the other half transformed into student accommodation … still, amongst the concrete there is a semblance of the vision of the architects [...]

lushpup_Ellis Collective_130310_The Ellis Collective__web_wm-1

Collective Thoughts

I have been getting back into taking pictures again. This follows on from my moving and renovation experiences late last year when I took almost no pictures of anyone or anything except the progress (and at times … total lack of progress) on the renovations to my flat. It was a period of perhaps six [...]

20130224_NIKON D600_DSC_1164

Lucie Thorne – The Front – 24th February 2013

I had the pleasure, in between passing cells of heavy rain, to see Lucie Thorne perform at my local pub/gallery/cafe The Front yesterday afternoon. Lucie sings finely crafted stories of longing with aching melody and feeling. The Front provides an intimate setting to see performers and Lucie did not disappoint. Apparently she's become quite famous! [...]

blurred landscape of indeterminate origin

Sum of the Parts #2

earth and sky we walk between pondering both A new piece for my ongoing project the Sum of the Parts where I'm intentionally blurring a scene during capture in an attempt to deconstruct them into their component parts. The result invites the viewer to ponder and create their own landscape … a new sum of [...]

Monochrome self portrait with white light bars across my face

The Wind In My Heart

Searching, it's a common theme here on this blog … searching for that indescribable piece that falls into place the moment we find it. The thing you don't know what you're looking for until you've found it. That thing. I've been looking for pictures to post … this is Pictures with Words after all … [...]

night motions

Night Moves

Three images from a moving car. These were all taken on a single journey back from a party out in the countryside last year. I wasn't driving so I was able to drag the shutter and capture the light traces transcribed by the reflectors on the road as our headlights illuminated them. I took 8 frames [...]

20121112_NIKON D80__DSC4138


Time spent elsewhere. If I start to type will the words flow? I honestly don't know… It's been three months and now it's the last day of 2012. It's been an intense period for me and I'm looking forward to what 2013 will bring. As some of you will know, my partner and I decided [...]

Tidbinbilla tracking station dish coloured in orange sunset hueas against a winter sky

Curiously Curiosity

 You may have gathered I like things astronomical and sciencey. On Monday afternoon I took the kids out to the Tidbinbilla tracking station outside Canberra. The station is also known as the Canberra Deep Space Communications Complex (CDSCC) and forms an integral parts of NASA's space communications network alongside similar stations in Madrid and California. [...]

triptych of ripple patterns in monochrome


  a pebble dreams of falling sinking slowly into sleep ripples spread in silence above A warm lazy afternoon … cooler in the shade by the water. A stone thrown into a pond. You hear the 'plop' … a quick, fluid sound. You look and see the ripples radiating. Think of the pebble then … [...]

Long exposure of coastal headland by moonlight

Malua Moonlight

Rock pretending eternity Moonlight heavy on the sea Clouds bring the sky Photograph and haiku of Malua Bay on the south coast of New South Wales. Lit here by about 8 minutes of the full moon. All is not what it seems. The moonlight softens the waves creating a smooth effect of deceptive calm … [...]

Old clocks


Clocks show their faces moments pass us by in silence there is no time today Time. I've never truly gotten a handle on it … slippery thing that it is. I can count. I count really well. I count in even beats and measures … I turned this into percussion and music … it seemed [...]

black and white image of a droplet falling and refracting a checkerboard background


My colour – your colour blending unseen against solidity As pattern is introduced My being warps it Becomes visible Clearly refracting seen only as a distortion of your regularity bending the very rays and become visible against them perfect imperfection reveals a passing lens I remember falling past you on my way to a fluidic [...]

Volcano Gunung Batur on the island of Bali refracted through a glass sphere

Gunung Batur

  Oculus time again. This is a picture of Gunung Batur (Mount Batur) on the island of Bali. It is an active volcano and this picture was was taken from the rim of the caldera which was formed around 25,00 years ago. The present cone rises some 700m above Lake Batur which has formed on [...]

High key long exposure of waves upon rocks.


Fade I had no words today I thought to set words to this image to say what I thought when I created it or it created me … I never can tell then I realised I remember standing there … holding the trigger the roar of the ocean the bright dawn light I recall the [...]

Compact flouresecent light buld against a rendered concrete wall

Changing Light

Have you ever travelled somewhere you've been before but a long time ago? Somewhere perhaps where things are different to the life you left to go there? Although I'm an Australian and have spent most of my life here, I was born in Georgetown, Penang and have spent significant periods of my life growing up [...]

Fern unfolding, it's fiddle-head unfurling.


Fernland Damp, earthy – a faint musk Cool, verdant quiet … still Fractal patterns stretch Unfolding gently, chaos becomes ordinary repeated and repeated and repeated – seeming endlessly easy to dismiss, to overlook as all alike they're copies to a point each unique – new and ancient both Reaching for the light As I to [...]

vibrant orange and yellow autumnal foliage

Autumnal Fire

Canberra has had one of the most spectacular autumn displays in years. A combination of the drought breaking last year and a very mild, wet summer. The oaks and maples are still running yellows but the main show met the icy winter blasts that heralded the beginning of winter’s grip … great cold fronts dragging [...]

a coastal sunrise through a glass sphere

Temple of the Sun

Another oculus picture from my coastal artist retreat from earlier this month at Ness. Here the rising sun clears the top of an exposed rock. Looking at a scene refracted through the glass sphere makes it appear both internalised and externalised at the same time … like I’m both within and without simultaneously … it [...]

Two stones stacked atop one another

Found Stones

One Round and thin ground – not polished – sheens from within colour the light grey of clouds that promise but bring no rain Pale orange flecks spittle across its face But these come after My first thought? That it would go far skipped across the smooth surface of a dam or creek maybe to [...]

Water falling as drops onto a fountain plate before falling as drops off the other side


Thought falling as water through air shaped and warped by passage divide and coalesce then splash! merged - our instant experienced then gone, essence perfuming the next lingering as the half remembered dream an aroma of reality at the edge of an instant before falling and dripping away

Overhead tall trees disappearing upward into mist


Familiar hills the horizon half-remembered my folk grew and grew old died here Yet I've never stood here before I know the curves of the land drawn in me How do I know this place? My mind some structured facsimile for geography? A genetic memory for place? For time? I cannot explain but I know [...]

Telegraph poles resemble crosses as they disappear over a hil

The Monaro Plains

THE MONARO PLAINS – Anthony Lawrence (May 2012) Wooden crosses a vanishing point wired for talk a watercolour bleed of low clouds, windbroken pines a charcoal rubbing of lost connections ~ you are here passing through uncoupled is a state of rhyme what the eye reveals the mouth extends in clipped syllables depth of field [...]



  Petroleum windswept leafy autumn chill fuel that warmed machine's internals now drained only vapours hollow booming – signage an empty promise abandoned a day and already unkempt fenced, dug up and replaced the land given a new life and on future warm summer evenings when myriad people sip and watch a faint waft of [...]


The Invisible Mother

  This was a practice where the mother, often disguised or hiding, often under a spread, holds her baby tightly for the photographer to insure a sharply focused image. – The Hidden Mother Now I understand that this practice originated when exposure times were slow meaning subjects had to sit perfectly still to render themselves [...]

boy standing in front of train passing a station at speed

Feel The Wind

Feel the wind of a passing train. Those destinations unridden, the breezy suggestion of another place. Stand anchored, feeling the pull and blur of the cars … the light unconscious pull and tug…                       Shot on the platform of Tempe Station in Sydney. 1/6 sec [...]

water droplets consdensed onto a shiny blue surface


Condensed The cool skin, attractive pulling my eyes pulling the very vapours from the air    loving dappled and blue condensed.

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